GPS Waypoints

I have taken the waypoints from my Cruising guides and give them here. You can use the information and files on this page and put these waypoints right into your GPS. In my guides most waypoints are numbered. A typical number is WGNS01. W is for windwards, GNS is for Grenadines and 01 is the first of our Grenadines waypoints. The waypoints listed here also contain these numbers so when you look at one of our sketch charts, it should be easy to punch in the waypoint you want on your GPS.

The comment line gives you some idea where the GPS points were taken, but you should cross check them with the cruising guide sketch charts. Use them for planning purposes only – I can make mistakes! (If you want to use them for navigation, verify the positions on an B.A. or D.M.A chart.)

It is much easier to download waypoints to your GPS from a computer than try to punch them in individually.

You have not yet downloaded waypoints to your GPS from the computer? I recommend Alan Murphy?s GPS Utility at This program downloads onto your computer very fast. If you have problems Alan is helpful. The basic version is shareware and works well for up to 100 waypoints. You can also buy a very reasonably priced full version by registering.

The best way to take the GPS waypoints is by downloading the .txt files in the the left column. These will open directly in GPS Utility

GPS Utility allows you to save you waypoints in several formats. In addition, Paul Tobias mentioned there is a program that converts between many waypoint formats you can download for free available at:

For Garmin systems that work with MapSource use the .mps files

These waypoints are available free to CAPN Users as downloads from Jan Glodowski’s website😕 Many thanks Jan.

Below is a list of My GPS waypoints, remember they are referenced to WGS84 datum. They are also available for file download on the right column.?This list was supplied by Chris Doyle for his Cruising Guide.?It is for planning purposes only.



W LANG01 N18?13.3000′ W063?04.5000′ I E Crocus Bay

W LANG02 N18?12.0000′ W063?05.9000′ I E Road Bay

W LANG03 N18?09.4000′ W063?10.7000′ I E Anguillita

W LANG04 N18?15.7000′ W063?10.7000′ I E Prickly Pear Cays

W LANG05 N18?16.0000′ W063?15.0000′ I E Dog Island

W LANG06 N18?16.0000′ W062?57.0000′ I E Scrub I passage (S aprch.)

St. Martin

W LSTM01 N18?00.4000′ W063?03.3000′ I E Philipsburg

W LSTM02 N18?01.3000′ W063?06.8000′ I E Simpson Bay

W LSTM03 N18?04.9000′ W063?06.1000′ I E Marigot (near unlit buoys)

W LSTM04 N18?03.5000′ W063?09.3000′ I E Point Basse Terre

W LSTM05 N18?06.8000′ W063?03.8000′ I E Grande Case

W LSTM06 N18?06.2000′ W062?59.9000′ I E Orient Bay entry

W LSTM07 N18?03.0000′ W063?00.4000′ I E Oyster Pond entry

W LSTM08 N18?07.4000′ W063?02.5000′ I E Anse Marcel entrance

W LSTM09 N18?06.0000′ W063?04.7000′ I E Friar’s Bay

W LSTM10 N18?06.2500′ W063?01.0000′ I E Ile Pinel anchorage

St. Barts

W LSTB01 N17?55.5000′ W062?52.8000′ I E Anse de Colombier

W LSTB02 N17?54.3000′ W062?52.0000′ I E Gustavia (N.entry)

W LSTB03 N17?51.0000′ W062?50.0000′ I E S aprch. to St Barts

W LSTB04 N17?57.3000′ W062?54.7000′ I E Ile Forchue

W LSTB05 N17?55.0000′ W062?56.0000′ I E W aprch. to St Barts

W LSTB06 N17?52.4000′ W062?49.1000′ I E aprch to Saline Bay

W LSTB07 N17?54.7000′ W062?50.0000′ I E aprch to St Jean


W LSAB01 N17?36.8000′ W063?15.4000′ I E Fort Bay

W LSAB02 N17?39.0000′ W063?15.5000′ I E Saba NW aprch.

W LSAB03 N17?37.0000′ W063?13.0000′ I E Saba SE aprch.

W LSAB04 N17?38.6000′ W063?15.5000′ I E Wells Bay aprch.


W LSTA01 N17?29.0000′ W062?59.5000′ I E Orangestad

W LSTA02 N17?32.0000′ W063?00.0000′ I E Statia N aprch.

W LSTA03 N17?27.4000′ W062?58.0000′ I E Statia S aprch.

St. Kitts

W LSKT01 N17?24.6000′ W062?52.6000′ I E Off NW St Kitts

W LSKT02 N17?17.0000′ W062?43.0000′ I E Basseterre

W LSKT03 N17?15.8000′ W062?37.5000′ I E The Narrows (N aprch.)

W LSKT04 N17?21.4000′ W062?51.6000′ I E Sandy Point Town

W LSKT05 N17?15.0000′ W062?40.0000′ I E Aprch.White House Bay

W LSKT06 N17?20.3000′ W062?50.1000′ I E St Kitts Marine Works

W LSKT07 N17?26.3000′ W062?49.5000′ I E Approach to Dieppe Bay


W LNVS01 N17?08.6000′ W062?38.0000′ I E Charlestown

W LNVS02 N17?05.0000′ W062?39.0000′ I E Nevis (SW aprch.)

W LNVS03 N17?12.0000′ W062?37.3000′ I E Nevis (aprch. via Oualie/Tamarind )


W LMTS01 N16?48.4000′ W062?12.8000′ I E Little Bay

W LMTS02 N16?44.3000′ W062?14.5000′ I E Old Road Bay

W LMTS03 N16?50.0000′ W062?10.0000′ I E NE Montserrat

W LMTS04 N16?41.0000′ W062?15.0000′ I E SE Montserrat

W LMTS05 N16?47.0000′ W062?07.5000′ I E E of Montserrat

W LMTS06 N16?38.5000′ W062?07.9000′ I E S OF Montserrat


W LBAU01 N17?34.0000′ W061?51.5000′ I E 0.9 nm. S of Palmetto Point

W LBAU02 N17?32.1000′ W061?43.5000′ I E Spanish Pt entry

W LBAU03 N17?33.0000′ W061?46.9000′ I E Cocoa Pt. anchorage aprch.

W LBAU04 N17?40.5000′ W061?54.5000′ I E Cedar Tree Point aprch

W LBAU05 N17?35.0800′ W061?49.5000′ I E Barbuda boat harbor

W LBAU06 N17?38.8000′ W061?52.3000′ I E aprch to Low Bay

W LBAU07 N17?36.0000′ W061?53.0000′ I E Outside 9-ft bank


W LANT01 N17?00.0000′ W061?45.8000′ I E English Harbour aprch.

W LANT02 N17?00.0000′ W061?47.0000′ I E Falmouth Harbour aprch.

W LANT03 N16?59.8000′ W061?44.3000′ I E Indian Creek aprch.

W LANT04 N17?00.2000′ W061?43.8000′ I E Mamora Bay aprch.

W LANT05 N17?03.7000′ W061?39.2000′ I E Green I (just S)

W LANT06 N17?04.1000′ W061?39.1000′ I E Green I (just E)

W LANT07 N17?12.0000′ W061?53.5000′ I E Diamond Bank (just W)

W LANT08 N17?11.2000′ W061?52.2000′ I E Diamond Chnl. south

W LANT09 N17?12.4000′ W061?52.2000′ I E Diamond Chnl. north

W LANT10 N17?09.2000′ W061?46.3000′ I E Maiden Island aprch.

W LANT11 N17?09.6000′ W061?51.4000′ I E Dickenson Bay

W LANT12 N17?07.9000′ W061?52.3000′ I E St. John’s entry

W LANT13 N17?07.5000′ W061?54.0000′ I E Deep Bay aprch.

W LANT14 N17?04.5000′ W061?54.7000′ I E Jolly Harbour aprch.

W LANT15 N16?59.0000′ W061?53.0000′ I E 1.0 nm. S of Cades ReefW

W LANT16 N17?10.4000′ W061?43.5000′ I E 1.0 Outside Bird I Channel


W LGUA0A N16?21.6900′ W061?34.3500′ I E C-de-S Marin chnl. passe colas

W LGUA0B N16?21.1000′ W061?34.1100′ I E C-de-S Marin chnl. 1

W LGUA0C N16?20.6100′ W061?34.5000′ I E C-de-S Marin chnl. 2

W LGUA0D N16?19.5300′ W061?34.1400′ I E C-de-S Marin chnl. 3

W LGUA0E N16?18.9300′ W061?34.2300′ I E C-de-S Marin chnl. 4

W LGUA0F N16?17.5200′ W061?33.4700′ I E C-de-S Marin chnl. 5

W LGUA0G N16?18.4900′ W061?35.0000′ I E C-de-S Marin Mahault aprch. 1

W LGUA0H N16?17.2400′ W061?35.1400′ I E C-de-S Mahault aprch. 2

W LGUA0I N16?18.1400′ W061?35.9300′ I E C-de-S Grand Riviere aprch.

W LGUA0J N16?19.0000′ W061?35.4000′ I E C-de-S turn for West Fajou

W LGUA0K N16?20.9000′ W061?35.9000′ I E Ilet a Fajou West anchorage

W LGUA0L N16?20.8200′ W061?36.8800′ I E Park marker

W LGUA01 N16?18.3000′ W061?48.5000′ I E Deshais

W LGUA02 N16?10.0000′ W061?47.0000′ I E Pigeon Island area

W LGUA03 N16?05.3000′ W061?46.3000′ I E Anse a la Barque

W LGUA04 N15?58.9000′ W061?43.4000′ I E Marina Riviere Sens aprch.

W LGUA05 N16?25.0000′ W061?32.5000′ I E Port Louis

W LGUA06 N16?12.5000′ W061?31.9000′ I E Pointe a Pitre entry

W LGUA07 N16?12.0000′ W061?30.0000′ I E Ilet a Gosier

W LGUA7A N16?11.7000′ W061?26.1000′ I E Petit Havre aprch.

W LGUA08 N16?13.0000′ W061?22.9000′ I E St. Anne

W LGUA8A N16?12.9000′ W061?23.9000′ I E St. Anne (Club Med)

W LGUA09 N16?14.8500′ W061?15.3000′ I E St. Francois aprch.

W LGUA10 N16?17.8000′ W061?04.3000′ I E La Desirade aprch.

W LGUA1D N16?10.7000′ W061?07.2000′ I E Iles de la Petite Terre

W LGUA1A N16?10.6100′ W061?07.1500′ I E Petite Terre bar crossing

W LGUA1B N16?10.5200′ W061?07.0500′ I E Petite Terre bar crossing

W LGUA1C N16?10.5000′ W061?06.9300′ I E Petite Terre bar crossing

W LGUA1D N16?10.7000′ W061?07.2000′ I E Iles de la Petite Terre


W LMGT01 N15?57.6000′ W061?19.7000′ I E St. Louis

W LMGT02 N15?52.8000′ W061?19.4000′ I E Grand Bourg aprch.

Les Saintes

W LSNT01 N15?53.0000′ W061?37.5000′ I E NW aprch.

W LSNT02 N15?53.0000′ W061?35.5000′ I E Cabrit (Baleine aprch.)

W LSNT03 N15?49.6000′ W061?36.2000′ I E S of La Coche and Grande Ile

W LSNT04 N15?52.0000′ W061?36.0000′ I E Pain de Sucre (just N)

W LSNT05 N15?53.1000′ W061?34.7000′ I E Baie de Marigot aprch.


W LDOM01 N15?35.0000′ W061?29.0000′ I E 0.3 nm W Cabrits – Prince Rupert Bay

W LDOM02 N15?33.0000′ W061?29.0000′ I E Prince Rupert Bay (aprch. from the S)

W LDOM03 N15?27.0000′ W061?27.5000′ I E Batali Beach

W LDOM04 N15?24.7000′ W061?25.9000′ I E Castaways

W LDOM05 N15?20.0000′ W061?24.0000′ I E Canefield (Donkey Beach)

W LDOM06 N15?18.0000′ W061?23.6000′ I E Roseau (0.25 nm. E of Queens River)

W LDOM07 N15?17.5500′ W061?23.2000′ I E Fort Young Hotel anchorage aprch.

W LDOM08 N15?16.9000′ W061?22.8000′ I E Hotels anchorage aprch.

W LDOM09 N15?13.0000′ W061?23.2000′ I E The Pinnacle, Scotts Head (0.5 nm W)



W WMTQ01 N14?26.0000′ W061?05.0000′ I Approach to Martinique’s SW coast

W WMTQ02 N14?44.5000′ W061?10.7000′ I Off main dock St. Pierre

W WMTQ03 N14?38.4000′ W061?08.5000′ I 0.1 miles W of harbor wall, Case Pilote

W WMTQ04 N14?37.8000′ W061?09.2000′ I approach to Case Pilote

W WMTQ05 N14?36.8000′ W061?06.4000′ I Schoelcher

W WMTQ06 N14?35.0000′ W061?05.0000′ I Approach to Fort de France

W WMTQ07 N14?35.7000′ W061?04.5000′ I Approach Fort de France anchorage

W WMTQ08 N14?32.9000′ W061?02.1000′ I Approach to Trois Ilets

W WMTQ09 N14?33.6000′ W061?02.8000′ I Approach to Trou Etienne

W WMTQ10 N14?33.7000′ W061?03.4000′ I Pointe du Bout

W WMTQ11 N14?33.0000′ W061?04.0000′ I Approach for Anse A L?Ane

W WMTQ12 N14?31.8000′ W061?05.4000′ I Anse Noir

W WMTQ13 N14?30.0000′ W061?06.0000′ I Grand Anse D’Arlet

W WMTQ14 N14?29.2000′ W061?05.2000′ I Petit Anse D’Arlet (middle of bay)

W WMTQ15 N14?27.7000′ W061?00.5000′ I Approach for Baie du Marigot

W WMTQ16 N14?25.0000′ W060?55.0000′ I Approach to St. Anne & Marin

W WMTQ17 N14?26.7000′ W060?54.0000′ I Cul de Sac Marin (entrance)

W WMTQ18 N14?26.2000′ W060?53.2000′ I Ste. Anne (western part of anchorage)

W WMTQ19 N14?24.9000′ W060?49.8000′ I Baie Des Anglais (entrance)

W WMTQ20 N14?24.0000′ W060?53.8000′ I Approach to Grande Anse des Saline

St. Lucia

W WSLU00 N14?07.0000′ W060?58.0000′ I St. Lucia, north approach

W WSLU01 N14?05.5000′ W060?58.2000′ I 0.1 miles west of Pigeon Island

W WSLU02 N14?04.7300′ W060?57.4000′ I Rodney Bay Lagoon (entrance)

W WSLU03 N14?04.1000′ W060?58.7000′ I Southern approach, inside Barrel of Beef

W WSLU04 N14?01.2000′ W061?00.5000′ I Castries (entrance)

W WSLU05 N13?58.0500′ W061?01.9000′ I Marigot (entrance)

W WSLU06 N13?56.4000′ W061?03.2000′ I Anse La Raye (entrance)

W WSLU07 N13?55.6000′ W061?03.7000′ I Anse Cochon

W WSLU08 N13?54.7000′ W061?04.3000′ I Anse de Canaries

W WSLU09 N13?51.5000′ W061?05.2000′ I 0.4 miles SW of Anse Chastanet reef

W WSLU10 N13?51.3000′ W061?03.8000′ I Soufriere

W WSLU11 N13?48.5000′ W061?05.0000′ I 0.2 miles west of Gros Piton

W WSLU12 N13?43.0000′ W060?58.0000′ I 0.75 miles WSW of dock Vieux Fort

W WSLU13 N13?46.0000′ W061?05.0000′ I 2.3 miles south of Gros Piton

W WSLU14 N13?44.5000′ W061?00.0000′ I Entrance to Laborie

St. Vincent

W WSTV01 N13?20.0000′ W061?15.0000′ I Chateaubelair (off 2 miles N)

w WSTV1A N13?18.5000′ W061?14.5000′ I Chateaubelair Bay (approach)

w WSTV1B N13?16.8000′ W061?15.9000′ I Troumakar Bay (approach)

W WSTV02 N13?16.0000′ W061?15.8000′ I Cumberland Bay (center of entry)

W WSTV03 N13?14.9000′ W061?16.5000′ I Wallilabou (center of entry)

W WSTV04 N13?14.4000′ W061?16.9000′ I 0.1 miles W of Bottle & Glass

W WSTV4A N13?14.1000′ W061?16.7000′ I Barroualie

W WSTV05 N13?11.4000′ W061?16.2000′ I Buccament Bay (center)

W WSTV06 N13?10.9000′ W061?16.2000′ I Petit Byahaut

W WSTV07 N13?09.5000′ W061?14.9000′ I Ottley Hall (entry)

W WSTV08 N13?09.0000′ W061?14.0000′ I Kingstown (center of bay)

W WSTV09 N13?07.6000′ W061?12.4000′ I Fort Duvernette (off 0.1 miles SW)

W WSTV10 N13?07.5000′ W061?11.9000′ I Blue Lagoon aprch.


W WGNS01 N13?00.7000′ W061?15.1000′ I Bequia, Devil’s Table (0.1 W of beacon)

W WGNS1A N13?00.3000′ W061?15.0000′ I Bequia, Admiralty Bay approach

W WGNS1B N13?00.0000′ W061?15.0000′ I Bequia, Lower Bay approach

W WGNS02 N12?59.5000′ W061?17.6000′ I Bequia, West Cay (just off W end)

W WGNS03 N12?59.1000′ W061?14.0000′ I Bequia, Friendship Bay

W WGNS04 N12?53.5000′ W061?12.0000′ I Mustique aprch. (N of Montezuma)

W WGNS05 N12?52.5000′ W061?12.0000′ I Mustique aprch. (S of Montezuma)

W WGNS06 N12?52.8000′ W061?11.5000′ I Mustique Bitannia Bay

W WGNS07 N12?44.4000′ W061?20.0000′ I Canouan (NW point)

W WGNS08 N12?42.7000′ W061?20.2000′ I Canouan, Charlestown Bay (center of)

W WGNS09 N12?42.4000′ W061?21.4000′ I Canouan, Glossy Hill (just NW of)

W WGNS10 N12?39.5000′ W061?23.0000′ I Baline Rocks (0.5 nm. W of)

W WGNS11 N12?38.2000′ W061?21.8000′ I Tobago Cays (0.1 nm. W of Petit Rameau)

W WGNS12 N12?39.0000′ W061?23.7000′ I Mayreau, Salt Whistle Bay

W WGNS13 N12?38.0000′ W061?24.5000′ I Mayreau, Saline Bay

W WGNS14 N12?36.0000′ W061?28.0000′ I Union (0.25 W of Chatham Bay)

W WGNS15 N12?36.0000′ W061?24.2000′ I Union (N aprch. to Union/Palm)

W WGNS16 N12?35.0000′ W061?25.0000′ I Union (0.25 W of Grand de Coi)

W WGNS17 N12?32.9000′ W061?24.1000′ I PSV, Mopion Chnl. (0.2 nm. N of)

W WGNS18 N12?32.0000′ W061?23.5000′ I PSV (0.5 miles W off the dock)

W WGNS19 N12?32.0000′ W061?27.0000′ I Carriacou (0.7 nm. WNW of north end)

W WGNS20 N12?30.0000′ W061?30.8000′ I Carriacou (2.8 nm. W of Jack a Dan)

W WGNS21 N12?29.7000′ W061?28.2000′ I Carriacou (just W of Jack a Dan)

W WGNS22 N12?27.0000′ W061?30.0000′ I Tyrrel Bay (entrance )

W WGNS23 N12?19.0000′ W061?36.0000′ I Isle de Ronde


W WGDA00 N12?12.5000′ W061?33.2000′ I just west of Bird Island

W WGDA01 N12?15.0000′ W061?40.0000′ I North end (1.0 nm. N of David Point)

W WGDA02 N12?06.7000′ W061?45.0000′ I Halifax Harbour (entrance)

W WGDA03 N12?05.2000′ W061?45.9000′ I Dragon Bay (entrance)

W WGDA3A N12?05.5000′ W061?45.9000′ I Happy Hill Approach

W wGDA3B N12?04.4000′ W061?45.7000′ I Grand Mal Approach

W WGDA04 N12?02.7000′ W061?45.5000′ I St. George’s (0.25 nm. W of entry)

W WGDA05 N12?00.2000′ W061?48.3000′ I Point Saline (just off tip of land)

W WGDA06 N11?59.6000′ W061?46.2000′ I True Blue (entry)

W WGDA07 N11?59.3000′ W061?46.0000′ I Prickly Bay (entry)

W WGDA08 N11?58.6000′ W061?45.9000′ I 0.25 nm. W of Porpoises rocks

W WGDA09 N11?59.0000′ W061?45.1000′ I Mt Hartman Bay aprch.

W WGDA10 N11?59.0000′ W061?44.2000′ I Hog Island aprch.

W WGDA11 N11?59.1000′ W061?43.5000′ I Clarkes Court Bay aprch.

W WGDAPB N11?59.3000′ W061?42.9000′ I Phare Bleu Marina approach

W WGDA12 N11?59.3000′ W061?42.7000′ I Pt Egmont aprch.

W WGDA13 N12?00.0000′ W061?42.1000′ I Calivigny Harbour aprch.

W WGDA14 N12?00.6000′ W061?41.3000′ I Approach Petit Bacaye/Bacelot Bay

W WGDA15 N12?00.6000′ W061?40.7000′ I St. David’s Harbour (entry)


W TRIN01 N11?07.90′ W061?40.50′ 1.5 NM W OF Hibiscus oil rig

W TRIN02 N10?43.70′ W061?40.10′ Approach to Boca de Monos

W TRIN03 N10?40.50′ W061?43.90′ Chacachacare I

W TRIN04 N10?40.70′ W061?38.40′ Chaguaramas

W TRIN05 N10?46.10′ W061?29.00′ La Vache Bay

W TRIN06 N10?46.90′ W061?25.60′ Maracas Bay

W TRIN07 N10?48.00′ W061?24.00′ Las Cuevas

W TRIN08 N10?50.60′ W061?03.00′ Grand Riviere

W TRIN09 N10?41.00′ W061?40.90′ Monos I., Grand Fond Bay

W TRIN10 N10?41.50′ W061?40.60′ Monos I., Morris Bay

W TRIN11 N10?19.90′ W061?28.40′ Pointe-A-Pierre

W TRIN12 N10?41.90′ W061?40.10′ Scotland Bay

W TRIN13 N10?40.50′ W061?34.00′ Trinidad and & Tobago Yacht Club

W TRIN14 N10?39.40′ W061?39.70′ Winns Bay, Gaspar Grande I

W TRIN15 N10?39.90′ W061?38.95′ Winns Bay, Gaspar Grande I


W TOBA01 N11?11.30′ W060?50.60′ Bon Accord Lagoon, channel entrance

W TOBA02 N11?08.90′ W060?44.50′ Bulldog Shoal

W TOBA03 N11?16.50′ W060?42.20′ Castara Bay

W TOBA04 N11?19.90′ W060?33.40′ Charlotteville

W TOBA05 N11?17.70′ W060?40.60′ Englishman’s Bay

W TOBA06 N11?15.50′ W060?32.90′ King’s Bay

W TOBA07 N11?18.40′ W060?30.60′ Little Tobago, off the northwest point

W TOBA08 N11?11.50′ W060?48.30′ Mt. Irvine Bay

W TOBA09 N11?18.20′ W060?39.30′ Parlatuvier Bay

W TOBA10 N11?10.00′ W060?50.90′ Pigeon Point

W TOBA11 N11?12.90′ W060?46.90′ Plymouth

W TOBA12 N11?10.60′ W060?44.20′ Scarborough

W TOBA13 N11?10.50′ W060?49.00′ Scarborough


W BARB01 N13?21.00′ W059?36.00′ about one mile NNW of North Point

W BARB02 N13?01.00′ W059?31.00′ about one mile SSE of South Point

W BARB03 N13?05.00′ W059?39.00′ approach to Bridgetown

W BARB04 N13?05.00′ W059?37.00′ Carlisle Bay anchorage

W BARB05 N13?15.90′ W059?39.00′ Port St. Charles

W BARB06 N13?15.75′ W059?38.67′ Port St. Charles entrance


W GSL01 N07?15.000′ W058?10.000′ Outer lineup WPT north approach

W GSL02 N07?00.000′ W057?50.000′ Outer lineup WPT south approach

W GUES01 N07?01.400′ W058?11.400′ Essequibo (0.5 mile S)

W GUES02 N06?57.000′ W058?16.000′ Between Bluejackets and Leguan Banks

W GUES03 N06?54.500′ W058?20.000′ In Ship Chnl. W of Middle Ground

W GUYS01 N06?51.900′ W058?25.500′ Parika Stelling

W GUYS02 N06?51.450′ W058?26.130′ Two Brothers wharf

W GUYS03 N06?50.000′ W058?27.700′ Along the E shore of the river

W GUYS04 N06?47.350′ W058?30.020′ North end of Fort Island close to the west

W GUYS05 N06?45.850′ W058?31.260′ Between Fort I. and smaller I.s to the east

W GUYS06 N06?43.000′ W058?32.400′ Stay between islands

W GUYS07 N06?40.500′ W058?33.750′ Close to E shore

W GUYS08 N06?38.700′ W058?34.300′ E shore line about 100 metres off

W GUYS09 N06?36.250′ W058?34.650′ Between No. 19 chnl. mark and the E shore

W GUYS10 N06?34.200′ W058?35.500′ 1/4 way across the river from E

W GUYS11 N06?32.590′ W058?35.050′ Close to E shore

W GUYS12 N06?31.220′ W058?34.570′ Close to E shore in deep

W GUYS13 N06?30.420′ W058?34.580′ Close to E shore

W GUYS14 N06?29.370′ W058?35.120′ Shanklands Resort

W GUYS15 N06?27.900′ W058?35.080′ 0.5 mile S of Makauria Island

W GUYS16 N06?26.660′ W058?35.500′ Sandy cliffs on nearby E shore

W GUYS17 N06?26.300′ W058?36.500′ At SW end of Rattlesnake Passage

W GUYS18 N06?25.700′ W058?36.700′ Close to No. 31 buoy and Rattlesnake Rock

W GUYS19 N06?24.070′ W058?37.000′ Off Bartica.

W GUYS20 N06?23.780′ W058?37.030′ south end of Bartica

W GUYS21 N06?23.250′ W058?36.750′ Midway between Lamun Island and shore.

W GUYS22 N06?22.730′ W058?36.770′ About 50 metres N of a rock with 2-3 trees.

W GUYS23 N06?20.200′ W058?35.920′ Across the river from the Baganara Resort.

W GUYS24 N06?20.100′ W058?35.700′ Good anchorage off Baganara resort.

W GUYK01 N06?29.145′ W058?35.392′ Shanklands to Hurakabra 01

W GUYK02 N06?28.470′ W058?35.920′ Shanklands to Hurakabra 02 mid channel

W GUYK03 N06?28.229′ W058?36.730′ Shanklands to Hurakabra 03 west bank

W GUYK04 N06?27.423′ W058?37.158′ Shanklands to Hurakabra 04

W GUYK05 N06?27.131′ W058?37.454′ Hurakabra anchorage

W GUH1 N06?24.910′ W058?36.810′ Bartica to Hurakabra start

W GUH2 N06?25.140′ W058?36.970′ clears shoasl soth of Bartica

W GUH3 N06?25.460′ W058?37.840′ North of Kaow I

W GUH4 N06?25.700′ W058?37.760′ Kaow I north west

W GUH5 N06?26.280′ W058?37.520′ Kaow I south west

W GUH6 N06?26.620′ W058?37.770′ West bank of river, Joyce’s house04


(Peninsular de Paria South Side)

W VA101 N10?40.0000′ W061?53.5000′ I Ensenada Carriaquita

W VA102 N10?39.0000′ W061?56.0000′ I Puerto Macuro

W VA103 N10?38.5000′ W061?59.0000′ I Ensenada Yacua

W VA104 N10?38.0000′ W062?01.0000′ I Ensenada Guinmita

W VA105 N10?38.0000′ W062?03.0000′ I Ensenada Uquirito

W VA106 N10?37.7000′ W062?04.0000′ I Ensenada Patao

W VA107 N10?33.9000′ W062?17.3000′ I Guiria

(Peninsular de Paria North,Testigos)

W VA201 N10?43.6000′ W062?00.3000′ I Cabo San Francisco

W VA202 N10?43.0000′ W062?03.4000′ I Punta Pargo

W VA203 N10?42.5000′ W062?08.7000′ I Ensenada Mejillones

W VA204 N10?43.0000′ W063?01.4000′ I Ensenada Medina

W VA205 N10?43.7000′ W063?10.2000′ I Puerto Santos

W VA206 N10?40.9000′ W063?15.0000′ I Car?pano

W VA2B6 N10?41.3000′ W063?14.1000′ I Punta Hernan Vasquez

W VA207 N10?41.5000′ W063?27.9000′ I Isla Garrapatas

W VA208 N10?39.5000′ W063?31.2000′ I Isla Esmeralda

W VA212 N11?22.0000′ W063?06.0000′ I Testigo Grande

W VA213 N11?25.0000′ W063?02.0000′ I Testigos, I. Noreste

(Margarita,Coche,Cubagua,Penisula de Araya)

W VA301 N10?59.0000′ W063?47.0000′ I Margarita, Pampatar

W VA302 N10?56.5000′ W063?49.0000′ I Margarita, Porlamar

W VA303 N11?04.7000′ W063?58.8000′ I Margarita, Juangriego

W VA304 N10?57.0000′ W064?10.0000′ I Margarita, Boca del R?o

W VA305 N11?01.0000′ W064?24.0000′ I Margarita, West Coast

W VA306 N10?50.0600′ W064?00.8800 I Coche (buoy off NW shoal)

W VA3B6 N10?47.0000′ W064?01.0000 I Coche, Punta El Boton

W VA307 N10?45.6000′ W063?57.7000′ I Coche, El Saco

W VA308 N10?50.7000′ W064?09.5000′ I Cubagua (off NE point)

W VA309 N10?41.3000′ W063?51.2000′ I Isla Caribe

W VA310 N10?41.3000′ W063?52.5000′ I Isla Lobos

W VA311 N10?40.0000′ W064?19.5000′ I Penin. Araya (extremity of NW shoal)

(Golfo de Cariaco)

W VA401 N10?27.8000′ W064?11.9000′ I Cuman?

W VA402 N10?28.9000′ W064?11.2000′ I Cuman?, Marina Cumanagoto

W VA403 N10?28.5000′ W064?08.6000′ I Cuman?, Navimca

W VA404 N10?26.5000′ W064?02.4000′ I Carenero

W VA405 N10?27.0000′ W063?58.4000′ I Sena Honda

W VA406 N10?27.2000′ W063?56.4000′ I Sena Larga

W VA407 N10?27.3000′ W063?54.8000′ I Marig?itar

W VA408 N10?26.8000′ W063?51.3000′ I Punta Tarabacoita anchorage

W VA409 N10?26.7000′ W063?49.2000′ I Punta Cachamaure

W VA410 N10?27.6000′ W063?45.5000′ I Pericantal

W VA411 N10?27.9000′ W063?44.7000′ I Punta Gorda

W VA4B1 N10?28.1000′ W063?44.2000′ I Punta Oricaro

W VA412 N10?28.1000′ W063?42.7000′ I Punta Cotua

W VA413 N10?28.7000′ W063?40.0000′ I Muelle de Cariaco

W VA4B3 N10?32.0000′ W063?48.0000′ I Medregal Village

W VA4B4 N10?33.1000′ W063?53.3000′ I Medregal Village

W VA414 N10?34.3000′ W063?56.5000′ I Los Manantiales

W VA415 N10?34.5000′ W063?57.3000′ I La Marita, Sena Larga

W VA416 N10?34.6000′ W063?58.1000′ I Toldo

W VA417 N10?34.5000′ W063?58.6000′ I Sena Venado

W VA418 N10?34.5000′ W063?59.6000′ I Los Platitos

W VA419 N10?34.6000′ W064?00.0000′ I Cangrejo

W VA4B9 N10?34.5000′ W063?59.8000′ I Cangrejo Yacht Club

W VA420 N10?34.5000′ W064?03.0000′ I Laguna Grande

W VA421 N10?34.0000′ W064?04.6000′ I Laguna Chica

W VA422 N10?33.8000′ W064?07.6000′ I Puerto Real

(Mochima National Park and Puerto La Cruz)

W VA501 N10?23.8000′ W064?20.7000′ I Puerto Mochima

W VA502 N10?23.0000′ W064?23.8000′ I Ensenada Tigrillo (N of Pta. Tigrillo)

W VA503 N10?20.5000′ W064?28.0000′ I Ensenada Tigrillo (NW of Punta Gorda)

W VA504 N10?18.0000′ W064?27.0000′ I Golfo de Santa Fe

W VA505 N10?15.5000′ W064?28.0000′ I Islas Arapos (E end)

W VA506 N10?17.0000′ W064?39.0000′ I Chimana Grande

W VA507 N10?13.7000′ W064?38.3000′ I Puerto La Cruz (PLC)

W VA508 N10?13.0000′ W064?40.0000′ I PLC (off El Morro development)

W VA509 N10?12.0000′ W064?42.4000′ I PLC (off El Morro Marina)

W VA5B1 N10?15.5000′ W064?32.0000′ I Bahia Comona

W VA5B2 N10?17.0000′ W064?36.3000′ I Chimana Secunda

W VA5B3 N10?18.0000′ W064?45.8000′ I Isla Borracha

(Islas de Pititu to Chichiriviche)

W VA601 N10?09.7000′ W064?58.6000′ I Islas de P?ritu NE

W VA6B1 N10?08.4000′ W064?54.7000′ I Islas de P?ritu SW

W VA602 N10?32.0000′ W066?05.5000′ I Bah?a de Buche

W VA603 N10?31.6000′ W066?05.9000′ I Carenero

W VA604 N10?35.3000′ W066?04.0000′ I Puerto Frances

W VA605 N10?37.3000′ W066?44.9000′ I Puerto Azul

W VA606 N10?37.4000′ W066?50.9000′ I Marina de Caraballeda

W VA607 N10?36.5000′ W066?57.6000′ I La Guaira

W VA608 N10?37.0000′ W067?01.1000′ I Puerto Calera

W VA609 N10?32.8000′ W067?20.6000′ I Bah?a Puerto Cruz

W VA610 N10?30.1000′ W067?44.3000′ I Ensa Cata

W VA611 N10?29.5000′ W067?48.5000′ I Ci?nega de Ocumare

W VA612 N10?28.9500′ W067?57.1000′ I Isla Larga

W VA613 N10?28.9000′ W068?01.0000′ I Puerto Cabello

W VA614 N10?48.5000′ W068?16.0000′ I Morrocoy Nat. Park, Boca Paiclas

W VA615 N10?50.7000′ W068?13.0000′ I Morrocoy Nat. Park, Boca Grande

W VA616 N10?56.0000′ W068?14.5000′ I Chichiriviche

(Venezuela’s Offshore Islands)

W VA701 N11?51.0000′ W064?36.0000′ I Blanquilla (center – from chart/GPS NA)

W VA7B1 N11?50.1000′ W064?39.1000′ I Blanquilla, Playa Yaque/PA

W VA7B2 N11?48.8000′ W064?36.6000′ I Blanquilla (S coast/PA)

W VA702 N10?57.9000′ W065?13.8000′ I Tortuga, Playa Caldera

W VA703 N10?59.1000′ W065?20.0000′ I Tortuga, Los Palanquinos

W VA704 N10?59.1000′ W065?23.4000′ I Tortuga, Cayo Herradura

W VA705 N10?57.7000′ W065?24.8000′ I Tortuga, Las Tortuguillas

W VA706 N11?46.6100′ W066?34.8500′ I Los Roques, Sebastopol Chnl.

W VA707 N11?54.1600′ W066?35.1100′ I Los Roques, Boca del Medio

W VA708 N11?58.0000′ W066?37.8000′ I Los Roques (NE chnl.)

W VA709 N11?55.0000′ W066?44.5000′ I Los Roques, Noronsquis

W VA710 N11?54.5000′ W066?45.0000′ I Los Roques (NE of Crasqui)

W VA711 N11?53.5000′ W066?48.4000′ I Los Roques, Sarqui

W VA712 N11?53.0000′ W066?50.5000′ I Los Roques, Carenero

W VA713 N11?47.5600′ W066?54.1600′ I Los Roques, Dos Mosquises

W VA714 N11?49.0000′ W066?57.5000′ I Los Roques, West Cay

W VA715 N11?57.6000′ W067?28.0000′ I Aves de Barlovento, Isla Oeste

W VA716 N11?56.0000′ W067?27.0000′ I Aves de Barlovento, Isla Sur

W VA717 N12?05.0000′ W067?42.0000′ I Aves de Sotavento (NW of reef)

W VA718 N11?59.6000′ W067?41.0000′ I Aves de Sotavento, Isla Larga

W VA719 N11?59.0000′ W067?42.0000′ I Aves de Sotavento (SW aprch.)

W VA720 N12?02.5000′ W067?41.2000′ I Aves de Sotavento, Curracai


W BON01 N12?00.5000′ W068?15.0000′ I Southern tip

W BONA2 N12?09.0000′ W068?16.8000′ I Kralendijk (off North Pier)

W BONA3 N12?09.0000′ W068?23.0000′ I Kralendijk

My thanks to Jan Glodowski for alerting me to problems and errors in the old postings. Several corrections have been made to the Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados waypoints

Guyana has been updated for the 2013 edition of this guide.

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