Palm Island

and doctor’s officePalm Island was for many years an uninhabited island called Prune Island. John and Mary Caldwell, sailed here, fell in love with it, built a small hotel, and planted palm trees. John was a real character, and his early sailing experiences are outlined in his famous book, Desperate Voyage. John had a long and interesting life. After he died, Palm Island was bought by a big hotel group and upgraded to a first-class resort.

The anchorage is off the docks, and holding is fair in 15 to 20 feet, with a sand bottom. The anchorage can be rolly, so try it for lunch, and if you feel comfortable there, stay overnight.

You can use the dock for your dinghy, but use a stern anchor to keep it from riding underneath where it will be damaged. Leave plenty of room for local boats to come onto the outer end and south side of the dock.


Palm Island’s Casuarina Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Windwards: a gorgeous expanse of golden sand, lapped by translucent turquoise water ~ the ultimate picture-perfect Grenadine beach. When you step ashore, turn right and you will find a boutique that sells essentials, casual wear, and souvenirs. The Coco Palm beach bar and restaurant is a few steps farther on. It is open to the sea and serves both elegant light lunches and heartier dinners. It is pleasant, but geared to the well-heeled in secluded surroundings.

Patrick Chavailler, who used to have an art gallery and doctor’s office on Palm Island, has now moved to Bequia. He does great underwater and boating scenes and undertakes yacht commissions. He also prints his work on tiles (fabulous) and offers limited edition prints. Look him up if you stop in Bequia.

Yachts are welcome to enjoy the beach area around the Coco Palm and the shoreline to the south. You can also walk along Casuarina Beach, if you stay fairly close to the water’s edge. (One chain above high water is public.) Please respect the privacy of the hotel rooms and facilities. If you think you might want to stay here someday and want to look around, talk with a security guard; he may be able to arrange a tour.