Petite Martinique, The Piton

The Piton hike in Petite Martinique os short but rewarding. It takes about an hour and a half and is approximately 2.5mi/2km long, with an elevation gain of 750 feet. Thanks to the Grenada Tourism Authority and Keisha from Bamboo tours, most of the trail is now well sing-posted and easy to follow. The last part of the ascent is a rocky scramble, so sturdy shoes are essential.
The trail begins across the main road from the big concrete dock. There is a brown metal sign that reads “Piton Trail” and takes you up a steep paved road that winds up the hillside. This eventually turns to a dirt track that leads you along the ridge line with a great view of the community on the windward side and the reef below. The piton looms high above, and there aren’t too many tall trees, so it’s difficult to get lost.
Once you’re past the houses small hand-painted wooden signs and red arrows painted on rocks mark the trail. You pass through some dry shrubby forest and little fields of tall golden grass. Soon, the elevation increases dramatically and the trail zig-zags up a grassy ridge. This is where you get the best views of PSV, Union, and the Grenadines beyond, as tall trees obstruct the view at the top.
The final part of the ascent is a rocky scramble along the ridge, with small to medium bounders to walk across. A long thick rope suspended between two trees helped us keep our balance, but it was fraying and looked like it might not be there much longer.
On the way down, after the steep grassy ridge, take one of the paths that cuts to the right, through the dry shrubby forest. It soon opens up and flattens out into a grassy pasture. Cross the pasture towards Carriacou and follow the path, which will turn to a dirt road, then a paved one. This is the main road, and it will take you all the way back to the starting point. If you prefer to walk the last part along the beach, take one of the small paths on your left once you can see the shoreline.