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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide sailors and visitors to the Caribbean with the most reliable, in-depth, engaging, and up-to-date information about the best yachting and sailing-related services and activities available. We aim to help our readers have the best possible experience on the water by providing them with the most accurate and detailed information about the region’s sailing destinations, anchorages, marinas, restaurants, hiking, water sports, shopping, and yacht services. We believe in delivering value to our customers and advertisers by providing them with the best quality sailing guide content that is easy to understand and use, offers a wealth of information, and delivers valuable insights into the world of Caribbean yachting. Above all, we are committed to helping sailors explore the Caribbean safely, comfortably, and with confidence.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower and inspire sailors to explore the Caribbean safely, comfortably, and with confidence while supporting the local businesses and communities that so generously share the unique beauty of their island homes with us. We strive to create sustainable economic growth and promote the preservation of the region’s natural resources. Our ultimate goal is to foster a deeper appreciation for the Caribbean and its people, while also creating opportunities for their prosperity and success.

The Authors

Lexi Fisher

Lexi was born and raised in Grenada and grew up sailing with her father Jeff, one of Chris’s oldest friends. Many family vacations were spent on the ocean or traveling abroad, and she quickly gained a strong affinity for both. She studied Geography and Environmental Studies in Canada before moving back to her island home where she led guided kayak tours before becoming a scuba instructor in 2016.

She had always dreamed of becoming a travel writer, and was eager to begin working with Chris when he offered her the job in 2015. She spent the 2016/17 season updating the Leeward Islands book with him and learning all aspects of the trade. For the next few years and editions of the book she and Chris divided the islands, and all aspects of the work, evenly.

When Covid hit and international travel became significantly more difficult, she published a stand-alone guide to yachting and watersports in Grenada (view or download it free here). Chris officially retired in 2022 and Lexi now handles all aspects of researching, writing, photographing, designing, and marketing the guide books. She often writes for other yachting publications such as The Caribbean Compass and Cruising World Magazine, and helps organize the annual Grenada Sailing Week. She escapes the Caribbean summer heat for a few months each year to spend time in her northern home in Ontario, Canada.

Chris Doyle

Chris was born in England, but by the time he was finished with college he was also finished with England’s cold, gray weather. So, set sail in an old Colin Archer called Sugar Creek, heading south until the butter melted, turning right and ending up in Grenada, where became a resident, and has been so ever since.

To make ends meet, he built and rented a house, day-chartered, skippered yachts, and undertook deliveries. One of these nearly turned out badly when the rudder shaft sheered some 50 miles west of Saba. They managed to steer the boat for three days by balancing the sails, during which time they constructed a temporary external rudder (read the full story here).

Tired of being bombarded with questions from lost bareboaters, he decided to write a cruising guide, published it himself, and sold advertising to cover the costs. Chris attributes the popularity of his guides to listening to reader’s suggestions, and following through when they make sense. In this way his guides have always been highly innovative, leading the way in color sketch charts, then computerized color sketch charts, GPS waypoints, star charts and finally, this website.

Chris built his dream boat in Trinidad in 2002, a 40 foot catamaran called Ti Kanot (read the full story here) and spends every cruising season aboard. After 40 years of guide book writing, Chris officially retired in 2022, though still lends guidance and is active in the Doyle Guides Facebook community. He is well-known in the islands, is a yachting correspondent for Caribbean Compass, and writes for the international yachting press when asked.

Chris spends his summers in Vermont with his life partner Virginia Barlow.

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