Advisory, Weather & Security

Please report any incidents to the Security Net

The weather links should all give you current forecasts, I think the best simple current forecasts is Windfinder. Many people also use Windy and/or Wind Guru

Wunderground also gives a quick synopsis and knowing how hard it is going to blow for how long. Click on the Caribbean and you will get a nice wind map. Scroll down and click on Eastern Caribbean E Of 75w for a several day forecast. Other forecasts you may find of interest include; Intellicast offering longer range forecasts than many. The Weather Channel will give you forecasts for each island. I like the The Boat US hurricane page, whose hurricane wind graphics are superb and they also they keep excellent historical data. The US Navy weather information is probably or those with time to spend playing. It is really cool – especially animation.

We have three active volcanos;

If Montserrat’s Soufriere Hills is especially active, you need to keep well clear of the south part of the island.

Soufriere volcano in the north of St. Vincent began to rumble in early 2021 and erupted shortly after on April 9th. There hasn’t been much activity since, but it’s worth checking before visiting.  

Kick ’em Jenny is an underwater volcano between Grenada and Carriacou, west of Isle de Ronde. You need to pay particular attention to this volcano when the alert goes above yellow.