Hurricane Beryl Relief Efforts

 Last Updated July 8th 9:02am

The situation in Carriacou, Petite Martinique, and the Grenadines continues to evolve quickly. We will do our best to keep this web page updated with available relief efforts. Donations and relief have begun reaching the affected islands, in no small part due to incredible generosity of the Caribbean sailing community.

As basic needs like food, water, and primitive shelters start being met, donation needs in some areas have begun to shift to things needed to clean up and rebuild; sturdy shoes, tools, and construction materials. With needs changing so quickly and different on each affected island, those looking to donate items should contact local relief organizations (listed below) for guidance.  

Below is a list of relief efforts organized by location and type (monetary vs goods). Please note that we have not had time to vet any of the fundraising efforts, this is simply a consolidated list of those available. Please decide which you are most comfortable donating to based on your own judgement, but in general we recommend donating to a cause that has a well-defined plan of action and some form of accountability.

Sailing From Abroad?

The below organizations are working with local governments to streamline regulations and grant special permissions to yachts arriving in affected areas with donation deliveries. Most will ask that you prepare a detailed list of the items to give local organizers upon arrival.

Be aware that any aid that you attempt to deliver outside of established organizations like Organization Cruiser’s Aid, Hope Fleet, NaDMA, MAYAG, or NEMO may be out of line with prevailing government regulations at the time. 

If you do decide to sail to affected areas to deliver donations without the guidance of an organization please keep in mind that these islands are still in a state of upheaval, and secure storage and equitable distribution are major concerns. Blindly leaving donations ashore unattended or without direction could result in potential looting and unfair distribution.

Regional Organizations to Partner With

Operation Cruiser’s Aid is a grassroots initiative coordinating the response by the sailing community in the region. You can sign up to join them here, or find more info here.

Hope Fleet has partnered with the Seven Seas Cruising Association to organize boats willing to transport humanitarian supplies to the affected areas. If you would like to sail to any of the affected areas with donations you can sign up here. You will be asked to prepare and provide a list of items you are bringing. You can find more info about the organization here.

In St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Please email, who are coordinating yacht-based aid efforts with the St. Vincent National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).

In Carriacou & Petite Martinique

Sister Islands Relief and Reconstruction are coordinating yacht-based relief efforts. Email or visit their website here.

In Grenada

Port Louis Marina is accepting donations and organizing delivery on behalf of NaDMA. Email

MAYAG is organizing volunteers, deliveries, and donations from Gleans Garage on the Lagoon on behlf of NaDMA. They are also looking for boats to deliver items. Email 

If you you would like any assistance upon arrival in Grenada, please contact Caribbean Sailing Association Board Member Brian Sylvester in Grenada at +1 (473) 535-2583.

Land-based Relief Organizations

Grenada’s National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) – Elvis Young: 473-419-0199, Terry Charles: 473-420-9207,,, Facebook Page

Sister Islands Relief and Reconstruction, (Carriacou & Petite Martinique) email or visit their website here.

National Emergency Management Organisation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (NEMO), website here.

Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency:
Keith Goddard, Communications and Public Relations Specialist, (246) 434-4880,

International & Monetary

The Grenada Natural Disaster Fund is accepting donations via wire transfer (account details here) or through on online payment portal here.

The High Comission for Grenada in the UK is accepting monetary donations. Click here for details. 

Action Bequia is accepting monetary donations to aid the Grenadines here.

The Grenadines Initiative is accepting monetary donations to aid the Grenadines here.

Global Giving Hurricane Beryl Relief Fund (tax deductible) is here.

General GoFundMe campaigns;

A general Union Island GoFundMe campaign is here.

A general Mayreau GoFundMe campaign is here.

General Carriacou & PM GoFundMe campaigns;

Carriacou Animal Hospital

Adam DeCaul


Camp Kayak

Others are listed at the bottom of the page.


For up-to-date lists of items most in need, email (Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique) and (Mayreau, Canouan, Union Island)


In St. Martin, MV Spirit will be accepting cargo from July 10th – 13 for stops in Dominica, Antigua, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent. Contact Tanya from Instant Shipping services at +590-690-65-20-37

London, UK

You can donate items and funds to:

Mo Better Cuts, 316a Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5NQ …Or….300 Old Brompton Rd, London, SW5 9LB

More info: Saskia, 07572492258, Facebook post here.

Islandwayz Limited UK is also collecting items and will be shipping a few containers of building materials, food, furniture, appliances, and household items from the UK. Clsing date is July 15th and they can pickup items within the London area. Call +447456534772 to arrange pickup or for more info. 

They are also accpeting monetary donations to go towards purchasing items in the UK, shipping costs, and immediate aid. See the Facebook post here for details. 

New York

You can donate items and funds to;

July 3rd – 8th to Compass Shipping, 730 Chester St., Brooklyn NY, 11236, (718) 773-5430, 9am – 4pm. Label drop-offs To: Solange Dowden, c/o Valini, Lavish & Wings of Sparrow. Facebook post here.

July 5th – Aug 5th at Nostrad Hall, 713 Nostrad Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11216. Mon- Fri 4pm – 7pm. Contact Natasha for more info 929-386-6037 / 347-322-2347. Facebook post here.

1369 Rockaway Pkwy, Brooklyn NY, 11236. Before dropoff call +1 (347) 371-5443 or WhatsApp 929-428-5328. See Facebook post here.

Irica Frank, 2003 Bergen St, Brooklyn NY, 11233, Contact SpiceKidd (631) 948-8964. Facebook post here.

Camelo (Garz), 963 E 77th St, Brooklyn NY, 11326, Contact SpiceKidd (631) 948-8964. Facebook post here.

HMF Foundation – Whiskeys Shippers & Movers Inc, 4461 East 99th St, Brooklyn NY. More info +1-473-425-1098, Facebook post here.

New Jersey

You can donate items and funds to;

340 Amherst St. East Orange NJ, 07018. Contact SpiceKidd (631) 948-8964. Facebook post here.


You can donate items and funds to;

HMF Foundation – 2047 Gees Mill Rd, Suite 226, Conyers GA, 30013. More info +1-473-425-1098, Facebook post here.


Global Empowerment Mission is accepting item donations Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm at 1850 NW 84th Ave, STE 100, Doral FL, 33126. More info here.


You can donate items and funds to;

HMF Foundation – 13 Fairglen Ave, Unit 1, Brampton ON, L6X 5E8. More info +1-473-425-1098, Facebook post here.


A general Union Island GoFundMe campaign is here.

A general Carriacou & PM GoFundMe campaign is here and here.

The Carriacou Animal Hospital GoFundMe here or PayPal here.

There are many other individuals running GoFundMe campaigns for the community, thier families, and loved ones. They are;

AmyMarie Hutcheson (for Paradise Beach Club)

Nika George

Arnaud Coquidé (Mayreau)

Kathleen Saunders

Sarah Firisen

Meagan Suri 

Isabel Rieger

Azaliea Jacobs

Drezelle Mills

Diane Martino

Sam Whitney

Donald Schier

Kirstie Fill