Isles de la Petite Terre

Iles de la Petite Terre are two uninhabited green islands, protected by reef. The whole area is a national park with no fishing or taking of conch or anything else from land or sea. They are very low, though cliffs at the eastern ends are about 40 feet high. You see the lighthouse (108 feet) before you see the islands. A calm, protected anchorage lies between the islands with clear water of turquoise, azure, and aquamarine. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Tobago Cays. Snorkeling is excellent, with brightly colored reef fish, turtles, sting rays, and eagle rays. I have even seen a 6-foot shark here.

A path leads from the palm-backed beach on Terre de Bas to the lighthouse. From here you can explore the hilly eastern end of Terre de Bas. There are some magnificent tidal pools below the cliffs. You can follow the mile of beach to the western point of Terre de Bas. While ashore, you will probably see iguanas, which are abundant on both islands, and maybe oyster catchers. You may not go ashore in Terre de Haut, because it is a protected nesting area. However there is one small beach on its north coast near the mooring that you can land on to rest if you are swimming from your boat or from the other island. A couple of large sailing catamaran day charter boats make regular runs here from St. François. By late afternoon you often have it to yourself and it is a great place to wake up in the morning.