Leewards Updates

The 16th (2020-2021) editions of the Cruising Guide to the Northern/Southern Leeward Islands is now available online and from your local chandleries.


General note on Pets in the Caribbean

People throughout the Caribbean use poisons for everything from crabs to nuisance dogs. These are deadly to pets, and quite a few pet owners have lost their companions to poison while walking them ashore. The poisons are attractive to dogs so keep your dog on a leash and watch what it is up to. A muzzle may help but make sure your dog can still pant to stay cool. If your doge gets poisoned, immediate ingestion of a strong sugar/water solution may help until you get to the vet.


Updates to the 16th (2020-2021) edition:

Marigot Bay, St. Martin

Customs and immigration procedures are getting a little confusing in Marigot Bay, St. Maarten, where the port authority has begun insisting that anyone moored in the bay (not in the lagoon) clear in at Port Gallisbay, and pay the associated fees with clearing there. It is still unclear whether this applies to those at anchor, or if this change is government mandated. A description of the procedures can be found on the port authority website, here. Check the Doyle Guides and Sint Maarten Cruisers & Boaters (SXM) Facebook pages for more info and discussions. 


Guadeloupe, Deshaies

If you would like to visit the Botanical Gardens call them at 0590 28 43 02 for a ride from the anchorage. Please do not ask Le Pelican to call them for you, as we suggest in the 2020-2021 edition of the guide.  


Savannah Gallery has moved to Cap Juluca, a Belmond Hotel. 


Freeman Bay – Uncharted underwater hazard at 17° 00.128’ N 061° 45.638′ W. The object appears to be a steel pile from a construction project, is about 0.4m in diameter, and lies only 0.5m under the surface. Bill Aylward, the kind reader who sent in this info, fixed a temporary marker to it in Jan 2022.  

There are some modifications in the contact information for Anjo Insurance, a major provider of yacht insurance in the Caribbean:

Anjo Insurance JH, 268-480-3098,  rfrederick@anjoinsure.ag

Anjo Insurance EH, 268-480-3093, hhobson@anjoinsure.ag

Anjo Insurance main office Woods Mall, 268-480-3050, jhall@anjoinsure.ag

Web address: https://anjoinsure.com




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