Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl has left widespread destruction in Carriacou, Petite Martinique, Union Island, Mayreau, and Canouan. We will update these pages and our guides when the dust has settled. For now, you can click the button below to find links and details on relief efforts locally and abroad.
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Mayreau is rimmed with pristine beaches and offers spectacular views from the hill. It is one of the smaller, locally inhabited Grenadines, with just one village. Originally the whole island was owned by the Eustace family of St. Vincent and the inhabitants owned no land. Then land in the village was made available to them, and now much of the island has been sold.  

For generations the Roman Catholics were the only religious show in town, with a picturesque little church on the hill. Now, a big new church faces it on the other side of the road, courtesy of one of the Eustace family, offering a livelier approach to the almighty. Apart from this, the island is relatively unchanged. Most islanders are happy to see visitors, and indeed yachts are a mainstay of the economy. You can and should walk around the island, up to the village and down the other side, and explore the windward beaches. A road runs from Saline Bay to Salt Whistle Bay, with many side roads. All the waters around Mayreau are part of the Tobago Cays Marine Park. You must scuba dive with a local dive operation.