Petit St. Vincent (PSV)


(VHF: 16, closed September/October) was probably the first Caribbean boutique hotel. It is a quiet and exclusive resort, where the guests get pampered in secluded stone cottages. Each cottage has a flagpole that is used to summon room service, which soon appears in a Mini Moke. The hotel does well at top Caribbean rates, and is probably the Caribbean’s most successful small hotel.

It was built by the late Haze Richardson, who operated it from its inception until 2007. The island and resort were purchased in late 2010 by Phil Stephenson and Robin Patterson. The new owners have invested heavily in renovating all the buildings and cottages. New additions include the yacht-friendly beach restaurant, Goaty’s Beach Bar & Restaurant, and a new spa complex.

It is managed by husband and wife team Matt and Annie Semark, along with an excellent local crew. The main anchorage is shown on the chart. The current changes with the tide, and if the wind drops, yachts swing about. The reef off the dinghy dock extends farther than some think.

When you go ashore
keep in mind that this is an exclusive and luxurious resort, so please be respectful. If visitors are to continue to be welcomed, this is essential. Only come ashore by the concrete dock on the leeward side, adjacent to the Beach Restaurant and Bar, where there is a dinghy platform attached with cleats. You are welcome to walk along the shore and use the beach from the hotel’s small wooden dinghy dock to the beach bar and boutique. All other areas and beaches are private, for in-house residents only, which include the guest cottages and the western end of the beach, past the beach bar. Private areas are clearly sign posted.

You are welcome to visit the main bar and restaurant upstairs, though smart casual attire is very much expected (no bathing costumes by day; no shorts or t-shirts for dinner). Reservations are essential for dinner at the main pavilion restaurant.

The main pavilion bar, with a view of the bay, is open all day, and it is a pleasant place to have a drink, especially the frozen daiquiris and fruit specials they are so good at.

Goaty’s Beach Bar & Restaurant is more casual and built with visitors in mind, so shorts, t-shirts, and even bathing togs are fine, up until sunset when slacks and a sports shirt or similar attire are more appropriate. It is open 1030-2200. Their a-la-carte menu includes tapas, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, grilled seafood, and imported meat.

On Fridays, the regular menu closes down and they have a beach barbecue with a steel pan band. Come for the barbecue or just for the music and a drink. On Tuesday nights, Barracuda, a popular local musician, plays reggae. On many Mondays they have a classic movie night, with a big screen set up in the beach bar.

The spa is open to those visiting on yachts and offers all kinds of massage and beauty treatments.

Guided island and cottage tours are available on request after 1030. Book by radio, phone, or ask in the bar or office.

If you are longing for a good walk, or an internet connection, Petite Martinique is within dinghy range, and if you plan a meal at at Palm Beach Restaurant you can get a ride over and back.

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