Windward Updates

The 2024-2025 edition of the Sailor’s Guide to the Windward Islands is now available digitally on our Doyle Guides mobile app or in hard copy from your local chandleries.


General note on pets in the Caribbean

People throughout the Caribbean use poisons for everything from crabs to nuisance dogs. These are deadly to pets, and quite a few pet owners have lost their companions to poison while walking them ashore. The poisons are attractive to dogs so keep your dog on a leash and watch what it is up to. A muzzle may help but make sure your dog can still pant to stay cool. If your dog gets poisoned, immediate ingestion of a strong sugar/water solution may help until you get to the vet.


Updates to the 2024-2025 edition:


SailClear announced that on May 1st they would begin charging an annual fee of $25 US, though as of this writing (May 15th) users have not yet been charged, and there is no notice of any fee on the SailClear website. This fee will reportedly go towards enhancing the user experience, more technical support, and expanding country availability. 



Martinique now has an online customs clearance portal at which allows you to complete the entire process online for 5 Eu, negating the need to go ashore or do any physical paperwork. You may clear before arrival, arrive to any part of the island, and once you have the confirmation email you are free to go anywhere in Martinique. . Thanks to Sue Richard at Noonsite for the intel!


Marin, Martinique

Anchoring in the La Duprey district along the north coast (either side of Isle Dequesnay) is now prohibited. It is unknown if this area will be marked with yellow buoys.

Black Bay, Grenada

We’ve updated our chart of the Halifax Harbour and Black Bay area to better reflect the delicate reefs just south of Black Bay Point. They are too deep to see, even in good light, so please anchor only in the area off the cliffs. 

Molinaire Point, Grenada

With the installation of additional sculptures at Grenada’s renowned underwater sculpture park comes new yacht moorings, though details surrounding both fees and maintenance of the moorings are still unclear. The new moorings were placed at the request of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) and put down by Moorsafe. They are as follows:

3 yacht moorings in Grand Mal

8 Dive moorings and 1 dinghy mooring in Moliniere

1 dive and 1 yacht mooring in Dragon Bay

5 dive mooring in Flamingo Bay

The Tobago Cays

The TCMP online payment system is up and running at Mooring and anchoring fees are the same at $60 EC a night. Fees are collected by park rangers daily, or you can pay online.

Updates to the 20th edition (2021-2022) guide:


Soho House is now offering the following yacht services to those anchored in Grand Bay: Take-out delivery from their restaurant, grocery provisioning and delivery, and laundry. Contact 407-232-7242, 784-530-7400, or

Tobago Cays

There are new fees for the Tobago Cays Marine Park. All prices are in EC $. 

Petite St. Vincent

It is reported that PSV is now charging a ‘Shore Access Fee’ of US$ 100+, 11% VAT for adults and US$ 50 + 11% VAT for Children (age 14 below).   Visitors wishing to go ashore should contact Reception at +1 (784) 458-8801 or by email at     


The Bequia Bookstore is now closed.  



Please note you now need a guide to hike to Big Hill in Ashton.
The trails to Big Hill are now part of the Union Island forest reserve, so you will need a guide to take you there, which is to protect some of the rare and endemic species. The good news is they will also lead you up to Mount Taboi if you want and you might not find that on your own. They can also guide you up the pinnacle.
The maximum number per guide is 5.
To get a guide you can call the Forestry Department 784-457-8594
Or Rosamond Adams at the Union Island Environmental Alliance. 784-457-8594
Good hiking everyone!
Bertram and Signa are no longer growing locally and the farm is not active. Sheena’s in the market is a good alternative.
Captain Gourmet and the Gypsea Cafe have closed.
Lambi Supermarket and Restaurant have closed.
Gypsea Cafe has closed.
Lambi’s Restaurant has closed.
Maria’s (Ciao Pizza) has closed.
Happy Island may soon be in new hands.
SGAK is now Salty Paws, and run by Zoe (of Snack Shack), though still managed by Susie and supported by Heather and Gary.

Updates to the 19th edition (2019-2020) guide:

Petit Martinique

A cruiser has informed us that the fuel dock on Petit Martinique is in very poor condition and is hardly useable. Fuel is no longer duty free. 



Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands. Sketch chart corrections;

Page 89 Zabricot Marina. Our waypoint for the entrance says 14 degrees 45.30’N. It should read: 14 degrees 35.30’N. Thank you Gabriele of SY Queen Emma for bringing it to our attention!

Page 73, Le Carbet. The waypoint should read 14 degrees 42.5’N, 61 degrees 11.3’W

New anchoring regulations are now in effect for Marin. Areas where yachts used to anchor are now banned for anchoring except during a hurricane warning. This is the amended chart for all versions of our guide, including the 2019-2020, as the regulations had not gone into effect before we went to press.




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