Mustique is unique among the Grenadines. It is a privately owned island that has been developed into holiday homes for the wealthy. A roll call of those who have owned property reveals some glamorous names, including Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Raquel Welch, and the late Princess Margaret. Mansions with tennis courts and swimming pools sit on rolling grassy hills and long lawns stretch to sandy beaches. There are only about 90 large houses on the whole island, plus one hotel, a guesthouse, one beach bar, a few boutiques, a small local village, and a fishing camp. About half the houses are available for rent when the owners are not in residence. As you would expect for an island of this type, prices are geared to the well-heeled.

What is wonderful about Mustique is that much of the island has been left wild and there are some great trails and not much traffic. As other islands sprout buildings like some invasive weed, much of Mustique remains beautiful and unspoiled, an island where you can hike or bike in peace on one of the best preserved Grenadine islands, with fabulous beaches and shady pathways.

Mustique, although exclusive, is friendly and open to yachting visitors. In an age where whole islands are becoming gated, this is exemplary. Please help keep it this way. Use common courtesy: stick to the roads, do not walk up people’s driveways or onto private property. Take scenic photos for your own use, but do not take photos of residents. Press photography is forbidden unless by permission of the Mustique Company.

The Mustique Company controls all the coastal waters of Mustique. It is all a marine park and no fishing is allowed. Yachts may only moor in Britannia Bay.  There are 30 moorings, which you must use if your yacht is 70 feet or less in length. Larger yachts should anchor in deep water to seaward of the moorings. A conservation fee ($200-500EC) is collected that entitles you to a three-consecutive-night stay..

A taxi tour will give you a quick overview. To really enjoy the beauty of this island, rent a mountain bike or go hiking. Basil’s Gourmet store has great books on the natural history of Mustique and the species you find here.

For hiking in mustique, click on Mustique Hiking

Horseback riding is done in the cool of the day, at 0800, 0900, 1500 or 1600. Rental vehicles and mountain bike are available through Mustique Mechanical Services or Mustique Moorings.

Ashore you will find boutiques, shops, vegetable stands, snf local fishermen who will sell their catch. The main restaurants are Basil’s Bar. Firefly and Cotton House. The lcoal village also has a couple of bars that often serve lunch and will cook dinner to order.

Basil organizes a famous blues festival in January/February every year.