Mustique was developed by Colin Tennant as a playground for the rich and famous. The house owners subsequently bought the island from him and have restricted further development. House prices have soared from about a million dollars to over ten times that much. Ownership has transitioned from celebrities to business people who value their privacy. 

Mustique has about 90 large houses, one hotel, a beach bar, a few boutiques, a small local village, and a fishing camp. About half the houses are available for rent when the owners are not in residence. As you would expect for an island of this type, prices are geared to the well-heeled. 

An excellent small medical clinic is run by Dr. Michael Bunbury. Call 488-8353 for surgery hours. 

Mustique, once very open and friendly,  now has some restrictions (see Regulations). Please help keep it open. Use common courtesy: stick to the roads and do not walk up driveways or onto private property. Use the beach south of the anchorage for beach time. Take scenic photos for your own use, but do not photograph residents. 

What is wonderful about Mustique is that much of the island has been left wild, there are lovely trails, and there is not much traffic. As other islands sprout buildings like some invasive weed, much of Mustique remains beautiful and unspoiled. It is one of the best preserved Grenadine islands, where you can often hike or bike in peace, with fabulous beaches and shady pathways.